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Motherhood + Parenting

How to Encourage Other Moms

You’re Enough

“You know you’re enough, right? Even when you don’t feel like you are, you are. You were chosen to be your kids’ mom for a reason.” (Continue reading)

Hamilton appropriate for kids (1)

Should you let your kids watch Hamilton on Disney+?

Hamilton is being released on July 3 on Disney+ and we cant wait! It is a brilliant historical show with amazing music. If you’re wondering if Hamilton is kid friendly or curious why it is rated PG-13, we’ve got more details on how to decide if it is appropriate for your kids.

Moms Night Out Lakeland (1)

Mom’s Night (or Day) Out – Lakeland Style

A break. A pause. A breather. Call it what you will, but many of us moms can’t recall the last time we had some real “me” time. We’ve taken the stress out of planning and created a list of fun, relaxing activities you can do locally that won’t break the bank and help you enjoy a well-deserved “mom break.”