Sensory Friendly & Special Needs Activities

Sensory Friendly & Special Needs Activities in Lakeland & Central Florida

Find opportunities for your family to enjoy indoor play areas, movies, sports, and more in a sensory friendly and/or special needs friendly environment.
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Pregnancy Childbirth New Mom Guide Lakeland

Pregnancy, Childbirth, & New Mom Guide

Are you expecting a new baby? Or are you a pregnant mom who has recently moved to the Lakeland area? Start your parenting journey with our resources for a healthy and happy pregnancy. Find hospitals, OBGYN's, midwives, doulas, lactation consultants, baby stores, pediatricians, and more.
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Mom Friends in Lakeland

10 Great Ways to Meet Mom Friends in the Lakeland Area

Making mom friends is intimidating. And hard. And often outside our comfort zone. But we all need friends through this journey of motherhood, so we are here to help with a few encouraging tips and a list of actual local places where moms congregate and your newest mom friend might be waiting.
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