The season of Christmas shopping is upon us, a time when grandparents, aunts, uncles, and family members start asking about your children’s wish lists. From video games to Barbies to Nerf guns and more, your head likely starts spinning when you think about any more toys in your house!

In recent years I’ve decided I would much rather give my children experience gifts – activities, trips, and experiences that will stick with them and last much longer than the short-lived excitement over a new toy.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the thought of more toys, wishing you could give a long-lasting gift, or have a child that seems impossible to buy for, we have a solution for you.

This year why not ask grandparents or family members to give your children the gift of martial arts with classes at Choe’s Martial Arts in Lakeland!

Choe's Martial Arts

For over 38 years, Choe’s Martial Arts School has been serving the city of Lakeland and the surrounding area with personal instruction in fitness and self-defense through traditional martial arts. They are one of the largest and most respected schools in the nation, teaching Taekwondo to thousands of Lakeland families since 1979.

Classes at Choe’s Martial Arts are about so much more than the kicking and punching of martial arts training. I realized this on Day 1 when after hearing the students all recite the school oath: “Respect Each Other. Help Each Other. Be Honest. Always Stand By the Weak.

10 Benefits of Choe’s Martial Arts:

Respect & Manners

Children are taught respect from the moment they walk into the dojang. They learn to treat other students as they wish to be treated. Instructors reinforce respect for self, parents, teachers, family, and friends regularly. Using Yes Sir / No Sir / Yes Ma’am / No Ma’am is one of the rules of the dojang at Choe’s Martial Arts.

Physical Activity

Every class at Choe’s Martial Arts begins with warm ups, stretching, jumping jacks, and other physical activity. Then they move into punches, kicks, drills and more, building coordination and strengthening their bodies each week. Class is a time to be active and burn energy in a positive way! Unlike many team sports, there is also “equal playing time” – every student is active the entire class. Your child will benefit from enhanced coordination, flexibility and strength.

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Your child’s self confidence will naturally improve as they learn new things and quickly show improvement and mastery of certain kicks, punches, and Tae kwon do sequences.

There is also security and confidence in your child’s knowledge that he/she could defend himself/herself should the need ever arise.


Martial arts teaches your child the techniques to defend themselves, but also how to anticipate and avoid potential dangers. They are reminded often that the moves they learn in class are not to be used on friends or siblings, however they are trained to have instinctive reflexes should they ever be in a defensive situation.

Improved Focus, Concentration & Listening Skills

Martial arts requires that children focus on the current activity, listen to instructions, and follow commands. Enhancing these skills helps children in other environments including school and at home!

Classes also offer immediate feedback – the Master or instructor shows a move, students must listen and focus to follow along and practice. There is a great deal of repetition and instructors offer assistance to each child individually to improve technique.


From putting on their uniform (the dobok) to remembering to bow as they enter the Dojang, students at Choe’s Martial Arts learn to do what they are supposed to do, when they are supposed to do it, all on their own.

Sense of Accomplishment

Students at Choe’s practice as a group, however progressing to the next rank and earning belts are individual accomplishments. Students begin as white belts and as they advance in their class they will participate in a “belt testing” where they demonstrate their knowledge of various sequences, ability to use power and control to break boards, sparring techniques, and knowledge of Tae Kwon Do terminology.

With each board breaking and new belt earned, your child will meet a goal and have a new accomplishment “under their belt” (pun intended).

Both Genders Can Participate

Martial Arts is one of the few sports where boys and girls can participate together. Enrolling multiple students at Choe’s Martial Arts gives brothers and sisters an opportunity to practice together and learn from one another, not to mention the convenience of having all of your kiddos in one place at the same time!


What could be more fun that kicking, punching, and burning energy for 30-45 minutes each class? Kids love their time at Choe’s Martial Arts – each week there are different activities, and with multiple instructors the kids never get bored.

It’s just plain COOL

Your kid will feel like a ninja. Seriously.

Choe's Martial Arts

Programs at Choe’s Martial Arts

Weekly Martial Arts Classes

Classes are divided into age and experience, and each group typically meets two nights per week, with a make-up class on Friday. Evening classes for adults are available as well! Click here or call Choe’s at (863) 665-0488 to learn more about the times for your child’s age group. Classes are designed for ages 5 & up.

After School Program

Choe’s Martial Arts offers pick up service from select elementary and middle schools in Lakeland. Students will have daily martial arts classes, homework time, activities, and no electronics! Click here to find out more or call to find out if your school is included: (863) 665-0488.

Summer Camp

Choe’s Martial Arts Summer Camp offers non-stop summer excitement for kids ages 5 – 12. Camp includes daily martial arts training, enrichment classes (Korean language and Art), along with group games and other fun activities.  Field Trips include: Movies, Local Parks, Water Parks, Arcades, Skating, Swimming, and MORE! Registration available for the full summer, by the week, or even daily registration. Click here to learn more.

You are always welcome at Choe’s Martial Arts to observe a class and get your child excited about starting the program.

Contact Jae Choe or Dae Choe at (863) 665-0488 to schedule your tour.

Choe’s Martial Arts is located at 2136 E. Edgewood Dr., Lakeland, FL 33803.

To learn more visit their Website or Facebook page.

Give the Gift of Martial Arts this Holiday

Choe’s Martial Arts is currently offering a Holiday Gift Special for first-time students of Choe’s Martial Arts!
This special offer includes a uniform and either 2 or 4 weeks of lessons. You will also be able to pick up the uniform in advance to wrap and give as a gift.
Click the link below to find out how you can give the gift of Martial Arts this Christmas!

April Mucci Lakeland Mom
April Mucci Lakeland Mom

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