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Lakeland Skate Park at Fletcher Park (Lake Bonny)
800 US 98 S, Lakeland, Florida 33801

24,000 square foot skate park with 4 main skating areas. Lakeland Skate Park is for skate boards and inline skaters only. NO BIKES or motorized vehicles are allowed in the park. Onsite adult supervision is required for all skaters under the age of 12. Helmets and pads are required for anyone under the age of 18. This skate park is UNSUPERVISED all users assume full risk in entering this facility.

Mulberry Skate Park
1100 Northeast 1st Street, Mulberry, Florida 33860
Muberry Skate Park
Muberry Skate Park
Muberry Skate Park

The Mulberry Skate Park is open dawn to dusk and located at Spence Park.

Spence Park is located at 1100 NE 1st Street. It hosts several large City-wide events including the Mulberry Harvest Festival and Mulberry’s Christmas Village. It also has a tennis court, skate park, basketball court, bandstand, pavilions, and is home to the Mulberry Skate Park and Mulberry Community Pool.

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