Dog Parks in Lakeland and Polk County

Dog Park in Lakeland (1)

If you’re looking for a dog park near you, we are here to help you and your furry friend! There are at least 8 off-leash dog parks in Polk County including Lakeland, Bartow, Auburndale, and Winter Haven.

Tips for Visiting a Dog Park

The dog park can be a great opportunity to socialize and run around, but be sure you know proper dog park etiquette before you go, and check the posted rules at the entrance to each park.

We’ve only been to the dog park a few times, and each time I’ve been a bit nervous because our dog isn’t exactly “well-behaved.” {He’s not at all aggressive but he loves people more than other dogs, and I never know how someone will react to him jumping up for their attention.} Here are a few etiquette tips for a visit to the dog park with your pooch:

  • ALWAYS clean up after your dog! Bring bags with you or look for the bag dispenser in the dog park.
  • Ask before you pet another dog, and make sure your kids know to do this too.
  • Bring a collapsible bowl and water. Most parks have a dog-friendly water fountain bowl, but in case it isn’t working you’ll need your own water.
  • Only take a trained dog to an off-leash dog park. If your dog is aggressive and lunges at other dogs while on a leash, he or she probably isn’t ready for the dog park.
  • Only take a healthy and vaccinated dog to the dog park. Dogs can pass germs around just like people.
  • Read the posted rules at each dog park. Although they are largely similar, there may be differences in size limits for large/small dog spaces, and other guidelines everyone should follow.

**Although I am a dog owner, I’m by no means a dog expert. Visit for more helpful tips on preparing your dog for a visit to a nearby dog park.**

Dog Parks in Polk County

Auburndale Dog Park

The Dog Park is located a few hundred yards north on the Auburndale Trail from the trail head. It is situated to the left of the trail.  It features exercise and play equipment for your pet. The park is separated for small and large dogs. Doggie clean-up products are provided, i.e. bags and disposal receptacle.

Bartow Dog Park at Mary Holland Park

This dog park in Bartow is brand new in 2020. It has separate play areas for dogs under/over 25 lbs.

Cook Park Dog Park

Open Dawn to Dusk. Separate play areas for dogs over 45 lbs and under 45 lbs.

Diogi Dog Park

Diogi Dog Park is located at Loyce E. Harpe Park on Carter Road. It includes two fenced play areas for off-leash play, one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. There is a covered picnic table on each side, with walking trails nearby for on-leash walking.

Dog Leg Woods Dog Park

Dog Leg Woods is located in south Lakeland on Cleveland Heights Blvd. It has two separate play areas for off-leash play. A large section of the park is shaded, and there is also a large grass area for the dogs to run.

Lake Crago Dog Park

Lake Crago Dog Park in north Lakeland has separate spaces for large dogs and small dogs (under 45 lbs), as well as a restroom for humans. Open Dawn to Dusk.

Simmers - Young Park Dog Park Winter Haven

This Dog Park in Winter Haven is run by Polk County Parks and Recreation.

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