Lakeland Mom LogoI can’t begin to count the number of times friends and family {and the occasional stranger} have asked me if Lakeland Mom brings in any money. I usually respond “my husband keeps asking me the same thing!”

When I started this website I did it because I had a desire to create a community resource that would be useful and serve a HUGE need in Lakeland – a one-stop shop to find local family-friendly events, kids activities, and parenting resources.

It started small, but the ideas kept coming and the website kept growing! The number of hours I’ve spent in front of my computer are equal to a full-time job, but without anyone paying me to do it. Simply because I was passionate about making a reality, and because I want to see the website continue to be a blessing to local families.

I LOVE the work I do for Lakeland Mom, but as the website has grown, so have the monthly expenses AND the time required to be sure I keep producing timely information! Although I often use “we” and “our” quite often – this website has been a one-woman operation so far. Just me and my computer!

Most websites like ours cover their expenses through paid advertising. While I LOVE our sponsors and couldn’t do this without them, I BELIEVE IN LAKELAND MOMS, DADS & GRANDPARENTS and know that OUR COMMUNITY can also sustain and support this website through small donations.

I hope you find extremely useful and feel that a small contribution is well worth it to be sure Lakeland Mom is here to stay!! The words of encouragement, appreciation, and support I’ve received from readers over the past 2 years are what have kept me going.

If you decide to make a contribution, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. If a contribution isn’t possible, we simply appreciate you being a Lakeland Mom reader and supporting us in other ways by sharing our contents and telling your friends about the website!

Warm regards,

April Mucci
Owner {& Editor/Writer/Publisher/Graphic Designer/Event Curator/Billing Specialist/Administrative Assistant}

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