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Visiting the Emergency Department at Lakeland Regional Health during COVID-19

Visiting the Emergency Department at Lakeland Regional Health during COVID-19

Are you wondering whether it is safe to go to the Emergency Department during COVID-19?

The answer is YES.

We have heard of people delaying much needed medical attention out of fear of being exposed to the virus, and ER visits are down as much as 40-50%. We want our community to know that Lakeland Regional Health has implemented many precautions to separate patients with coronavirus symptoms from all other patients. Both the Adult Emergency Department and Children’s Emergency Department are open and ready to treat emergency needs.

We did a video chat with Lakeland Regional Health to learn more and also provide you with some reassurance about the Emergency Room. On our call:
🩺 Dr. Timothy Regan, MD, President & Chief Medical Officer
🩺 Joanne Fuell, MN RN CEN, Assistant Directory of Nursing, Emergency Services

Lakeland Regional Health is a Lakeland Mom Sponsor and we are proud to partner with them to help keep our community informed about available health care services.

If you are arriving at the Adult or Children’s Emergency Department by car, utilize the call ahead number and you will be able to skip the waiting room and go straight to a treatment room – call 863-687-1414. (If you are having a medical emergency, call 911)

More information, including helpful links and Telehealth phone numbers, can be found at

One change – since filming, the start date for elective surgeries has changed to May 4.

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