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Six Spooktacular Favorites at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party

Mickey's No So Scary Halloween Party

Mickey’s No So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom is a spooktacular way to get in the Halloween spirit, and we were excited to be invited by Disney to visit the park on one of this year’s Party nights.

Mickey’s Halloween Party is a separately ticketed event, meaning it is not included in Annual Passes or a daytime ticket at Disney. The Party is held on select nights in late August, September, October, and early November. Prices range from $74-$115 per ticket depending on what night you select to attend.

**Mickey’s No So Scary Halloween Party has been canceled for 2020**

Our Six Spooktacular Favorites

1. Mickey’s Boo To You Halloween Parade

This girl LOVES a good parade, and the Boo To You Parade did not disappoint! It is filled with floats and characters you don’t see in any other parade, along with catchy Halloween music. Highlights included Captain Jack Sparrow & Captain Barbossa, dancing ghosts and ghouls, the hitchhiking ghosts from the Haunted Mansion, Wreck It Ralph and Vanellope, ALL the best villains, and more.

There are two parades a night, and many reviews say the second parade is less crowded. We didn’t stick around that late (11:15pm) but I could tell the park had cleared out a lot by the time we left at 11pm. The parade starts in Frontierland by Splash Mountain and makes it way to the Castle and then down Main Street. We managed to find a second row spot in Frontierland about 15 minutes before the parade, but it was REALLY crowded and I think we got lucky. I’d recommend finding a spot 20-30 minutes ahead of time.

The parade is typically kicked off by the Headless Horseman riding through the park, but it had rained a LOT the night we were there so this part was cancelled. I think there were also a few floats missing, but it was still a great parade!

(Video below is my favorite – there was a family of Dalmations behind us!)


It was SO MUCH FUN to check out people’s costumes as we walked around the park. There were many groups in themed costumes that all went together. We saw the Evil Stepsisters, Alice & the Mad Hatter, multiple sets of Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, Beetlejuice, a man riding a unicorn (??), lots of pirates, and my personal favorite – Rainbow Brite!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Costumes

My boys dressed up as a baseball player and Harry Potter {yes, I know – wrong park}. There are costume rules, especially for adults, so be sure to check them out on the Disney website before you decide what to wear.

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party Family

3. Walking onto the rides with NO WAIT!

I read a lot of reviews before we went, and was skeptical that lines would really be that short, but it was AWESOME. We walked right onto Space Mountain, Haunted Mansion, and Thunder Mountain Railroad, and only waited 20-30 minutes for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. {Disclaimer – when I say “walked on” we still had to spent the 5+ minutes it took to get from the entrance to the ride but the line moved the entire time}.

There are no FastPass reservations during Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party {although you can make them between 4-7pm if you go in early – details below}. We went on Friday, September 29 and I’m sure the party gets more crowded as it gets into October and closer to Halloween, but the lines are still likely to be shorter than most regular days at Magic Kingdom.

Click here to see what rides are open during the Halloween Party.

Mickeys Halloween Party Space Mountain

4. Happy Hallowishes Fireworks

In addition to a good parade, I LOVE fireworks! The Halloween show includes a light display of pumpkins and other special effects projected onto the castle, along with a solid 10 minutes of fireworks that go along with the music and story of the show. Another bonus is that the fireworks are so high you really can see them from anywhere in front of the castle.

A tip for finding the best place to watch – while there are fireworks on both sides of the castle, the biggest ones seem to shoot off to the left of the castle as you’re looking at it, so make sure you can see this area. Don’t get too close or you won’t be able to see it all. We were on the left side of the circle and as you can see in the videos below our view was slightly blocked. We’re not big on waiting {ok, the kids aren’t big on waiting} so we got there 5 minutes before the show started and just found a place to stand up. As long as you can see the front of the castle well enough, you’ll be able to enjoy the show.

5. Candy, Candy, and MORE CANDY!

Disney does everything BIG and Trick or Treating was no exception. Seriously, below is a picture of our “haul” from the night. And I am not ashamed to say my husband and I participated in the Trick or Treating too! There were more adults than kids in most lines we went through. There were 14 different treat locations throughout the park. We only hit 6 of them, and brought home more candy that anyone needs to eat for the entire month of October!

Treat locations are easy to find, there are large inflatable light up signs. Don’t make Trick or Treating a priority, you’re guaranteed to pass these spots as you walk around the park, and the lines move quickly. If you have food allergies there are also allergy-friendly treats available.

Mickey's No So Scary Halloween Party

6. Disney at Night

My kids are FINALLY old enough to stay at Magic Kingdom past 8pm without an epic meltdown, and I love it! There is something special about being at Disney at night, it’s my favorite time to be there, especially to ride the outdoor rides. Throw in light up Halloween decorations, and a crowd that has only been in the park since 4pm or later, and it makes for a fantastic party!

Other Highlights

Hocus Pocus Villain Spectacular – this stage show in front of the Castle is hosted by the Sanderson Sisters from Hocus Pocus along with a variety of Disney villians. We didn’t get to the castle area until the show was starting and couldn’t find a spot where our kids could see the stage, so we only caught a few minutes of the show. TIP – get there 15+ minutes early and get close to the stage OR in an area where you won’t have people directly in front of you!

Special Character Meet & Greets – During the Party you can snag photos with hard to find characters like Jack Skellington and Sally, the Seven Dwarfs (all 7 together!), Lotso Bear, Moana, Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum with the Queen of Hearts, Pooh Characters in Costumes, and more. Be prepared to stand in a line for all of them {or skip it altogether like we did – depends on your priorities!}

Specialty Foods – There are plenty of special Halloween Themed desserts to be found around the park, we didn’t sample any because we all filled up on Halloween candy!

Monstrous Scream-o-ween Halloween Ball – This dance party with Mike Wazouwski and Sulley from Monsters Inc. happens in Tomorrowland near Space Mountain and the People Mover.

Magic Photos – Look for places in the park marked with Magic Shot locations. These are pictures with Halloween themes and special effects!

Mickey’s Halloween Party Tips & Questions

Enter the Park at 4pm

The Halloween party starts at 7pm, but you can actually enter the park at 4pm and spend a total of 8 hours in the park! Not sure it’s worth it if you wait until 7 to go in. Look for the Event Entrance signs to get the special wristband that allows you to stay in the park after 7pm (don’t be surprised if cast members ask to see your wristband after 7pm – it’s their job).

Keep in mind when that from the time you park until you get to the Magic Kingdom entrance can be 30+ minutes with the parking lot tram, security, and the boat or monorail. Get to the parking lot by 3:30pm and the gate at 4!

Once you buy your tickets, you can link them with the My Disney Experience App or Website and book FastPass reservations for the 4-7pm timeslot. (Do it early, I did this 24 hours in advance and the FP pickings were slim)

Make A Plan Before You Go

My husband will tell you I LOVE to have a plan when we walk into Disney. It keeps me sane to know where we are going next, to not have to stop and get 3 different opinions, and to be sure everyone gets to do their #1 ride or activity.

Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party is such a limited window that having a plan is a MUST! Survey your people and find out what is important – rides, meeting characters, parade, fireworks, etc. Then check out the times for entertainment (click here and look for the tiny “Download the Party Guide” link).

Be sure to pick up a Halloween Party map when you walk in and double check the times.

(Just as an idea of what you can fit in – We got into the park at 5:30pm due to school, heavy traffic and rain. Rode Space Mountain and Buzz Lightyear with FastPass, quick dinner at Cosmic Rays, rode Space Mountain again with no wait, rode 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, rode Haunted Mansion, watched parade, rode Thunder Mountain Railroad, watched fireworks show, and did some Trick or Treating as we went through the park. Left at 11pm.)

Is it worth it?

Yes! It was a special treat to kick off the month of October and get into the Halloween spirit.  Going to Mickey’s Not So Special Halloween Party was a different Disney experience than going during the day because of all the Halloween themed activities (and our Spooktacular Favorites listed above) and worth going at least once! I also HATE being scared, so I will never go to the scary theme park events, and Disney’s Halloween party was perfect for someone like me.

It’s probably not for you if…

It’s your first trip to Disney. I wouldn’t recommend the Halloween Party as your first trip to Magic Kingdom because you definitely can’t do everything. It actually might be difficult to navigate at night if you’re not familiar with the park. (I’m talking to the locals here, those of us that are driving up and sleeping in our own beds at night. If you’re on vacation then by all means, check out the Halloween Party!)

You have young kids, or kids that can’t stay up late. It is a LATE NIGHT! We got on the monorail at 11:05pm and got home at 12:30am. And I still felt like we missed out on so many activities and rides. There is so much to do that you’ll want to stay as late as possible to pack it all in. The first parade is at 9:15pm and fireworks are at 10:15pm. If you can’t stay this late without your kids (or you!) having a meltdown, then it’s probably not worth it YET. Save it for when you know everyone will enjoy it!

What night is best?

I did a lot of reading before we picked a night, and there is no solid answer to this question. The earlier nights (in late August and early September) are going to be less crowded because us locals haven’t even started thinking about Halloween in the 90 degree Florida heat, AND because prices are the least expensive. Many websites said Tuesdays are least crowded.

I decided that going on a school night was not an option because I wanted to be able to relax and stay late. Even if you’re ok with kids sleeping in and going to school late the next day, we are still exhausted the day after. I LOVE Disney, but the excitement {and the walking} wears us out!

Click here to see a calendar of dates and prices. 

What if it rains?

Tickets to the party are non-refundable. We went on a night that it rained and still had a great time! Just check the weather and be prepared. Pick your shoes wisely – my feet were soaked within 3 minutes of being in the park and stayed wet all night. Take PONCHOS in with you! They are $9-10 in the park.

Theme Park Packing List

  • Magic Bands or Ticket Confirmation (and ID if you need to pick up tickets)
  • Stroller (if you need a stroller, see above – you might save Mickey’s Halloween Party for when the kids can walk the entire park)
  • Backpack loaded with:
    • Extra Clothes for the kids
    • Snacks
    • Water bottles
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Wet wipes
    • Portable phone charger & cord
    • Tylenol/Motrin
    • Glow sticks/Light up toys (if going at night and you don’t want to buy anything there)
    • Sunscreen & sunglasses (if going during the day)
    • PONCHOS!
      It rained for 2 hours while we were there and we were soaked. Take ponchos with you or be prepared to spend $10 per poncho in the park or get WET. 

Some people recommend bringing your own Trick or Treating bag, which you can do if you’re going to REALLY load up on candy. They give out bags at the park that held plenty of candy for us.

Lakeland Halloween Events

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