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Remarkable Women

Remarkable Women Nominations

March is Women’s History Month! We are celebrating all month long by featuring women in our community who are currently making history – including women-owned businesses and remarkable local women.

Do know you know a woman who is running a local business?
Do you know an amazing woman or mom who deserves to be recognized for something she has done in our community?
Nominate them below.

Self-nominations are welcome and encouraged. Please note that a nomination does not guarantee a Feature on our website or social media channels. All listings are at the discretion of our editor.

Keep the nominees coming… if we get enough entries we’ll be able to extend beyond the month of March!

Woman-Owned Businesses

We salute all Entrepreneurs and Local Business Owners! Our Woman-Owned Business Feature is for women who are running their own business or taking the lead in a family-owned business. {We are not featuring MLM or direct sales at this time}.

Remarkable Women

We know ALL WOMEN and ALL MOMS are remarkable! Our Remarkable Women Feature is meant to highlight a woman who has made a difference in the lives of others. A community hero, a teacher, an advocate, a volunteer, a difference-maker – you get the idea.