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Boomwriter Haunt

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The Haunt is designed to address the needs of parents who now find themselves at home with their children and are looking for ways to keep their child engaged in meaningful learning activities. The Haunt provides a safe and interactive place for children in Grades 3-6 (ages 9-12) to indulge and share their creative spirit. It will spark the imaginations of all young writers who participate while inspiring them to formulate and further their ideas in group creations of original stories.

Read – Read a captivating story start that ends in a cliff-hanging moment and serves as a springboard for their imagination!

Write – Write their version of chapter 2, which may include the introduction of any new characters, events or story plot twists.

Revise – Revise their chapter after receiving directed feedback from the supervising teacher before then submitting it into the Haunt pool of entries.

Vote – Vote for their favorite anonymous chapter/s written by fellow Haunt members

Chapter Winner – At the end of every week, voting will close and a winning submission will be identified as the next chapter in the story.

Repeat and Complete – The process repeats each week until the end of the month when the story is completed and ready to be published!!


$59 per month

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