Rent a Private Movie Theater for only $99 at Cinemark

Rent a Movie Theater at Cinemark

Cinemark Movie Theaters have started to reopen across the country {Lakeland opens August 25}, and you can book an entire movie auditorium for up to 20 guests starting at only $99!

Called a Private Watch Party, you can enjoy a private movie screening for anywhere from $99 – $175 depending on the movie you select.

Ideal for a group outing, a birthday celebration, or anyone who is missing the big screen experience but still isn’t ready to sit near a stranger in movie theater. Grab some friends, split the cost, and enjoy a night out at the movies!

Movies available at the time of publishing include:

Words on Bathroom Walls
Jurassic Park
Inception 10th Anniversary
Sonic the Hedgehog
Harry Potter 1 (we assume this means Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Spider-Man: Far From Home
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Despicable Me

You can book the Cinemark Private Watch Party directly on their website.

If you’re in Lakeland, FL it looks like times are available at approximately 5pm, 6pm, and 7pm on weeknights, and starting early afternoon on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

The Private Watch Party experience is available across the country – visit the Cinemark website to find a theater near you and check for Private Watch Party showtimes.

If you’re not interested in renting your own private movie theater, Cinemark is also showing most of the movies listed above in their regular auditoriums. When you book your tickets, you’ll select the number of seats you need and the system will automatically block the seats on either side of your group {when I tried it, 2 seats on each side were blocked off. Not sure if that is standard for all theaters or just my local theater}.

Regarding facemasks, the Cinemark website also says “Cinemark will require that face masks be worn throughout our theatres. Masks may be removed when eating and drinking inside the auditorium.”

Visit the Cinemark website to read about additional safety precautions.

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