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Escape Rooms Lakeland Florida

Escape Rooms in Lakeland, Florida

If your family loves a challenge, head to one of Lakeland’s three indoor escape rooms – Lakeland Escape Room, Escapology Lakeland, or iPanic Escape Room. You’ll have 1 hour to solve the clues and escape the room.

This unique experience is one of my family’s favorite activities, especially if we go with another family. The more thinking power the merrier!

If you’ve never done an escape room, here is a basic explanation:

A game master will give you the backstory of the room(s) and the challenge you have to solve.
Once your timer starts (typically 60 minutes), you’ll search the room for clues and things that can be unlocked. They could be number clues, words, maps, etc. Part of the fun is looking for options! Unlocked clues often provide the next clue.
Teamwork and patience is key – everyone interprets clues in a different way, be sure to listen to other people’s ideas (especially kids!) – things are not always as they seem!
If you decide you’re stuck and need a hint, you can contact the game master for a little help.
You are never truly locked in the room, there is always a button that will immediately let you out of the room.
It can be high stress (especially when you hit that 5 minute mark!) but it is so much fun!
If you’re a group of beginners, you’ve never done an escape room or you want everyone to be able to participate, start with a room ranked easy – trust us, it will still be challenging!

Each escape game location has multiple rooms available, meaning each time you go you can select a new challenge, and escape rooms often create new rooms to give guests a brand new experience.

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Escapology Lakeland

Escape Rooms are a fun, immersive, & entertaining indoor activity! Each of our escape rooms challenge your team to collaborate, communicate, & problem solve within a certain time limit, while still maintaining that sense of fun! Located in Downtown Lakeland, guests will be challenged by working together to find clues, solve puzzles, and decode locks that will free them from the escape room within the hour.

Escape Rooms | Escape Room Parties
210 East Pine Street, Lakeland, Florida 33801
iPanic Escape Room Lakeland

Find clues, solve puzzles, beat the clock, and see if you can escape! This escape room in Lakeland is located inside the Lakeland Square Mall. Choose from 3 escape rooms with a 60 minute time limit, or 2 Lakeland escape rooms with a 20 minute time limit.

Escape Rooms | Escape Room Parties
3800 US Highway 98 North, Lake Wales, Florida 33809
Lakeland Escape Room

Are you up for a real-life escape challenge? Turn up the intensity and take on our high level games that will challenge the most hardcore game enthusiast! Downtown Lakeland’s most fun attraction for gamers, families, corporate team building, and adventurers. Each room holds up to 8 players. Get a group together, pick one of our themed escape room games, and get ready for an hour of puzzle-solving, mind-bending fun! Great for Birthday Parties, holiday parties, team building or any sort of reunion.

Escape Rooms | Escape Room Parties
308 East Pine Street, Lakeland, Florida 33801

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