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Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups

Homeschool Groups Near Me

Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups

These local homeschool co-ops and homeschool groups provide support for homeschool families through group events, social activities, co-op classes, field trips, and more.

Our Homeschool Guide can help you find other homeschool resources and enrichment activities.

Don’t miss our full Education Guide – it includes information on Polk County public schools, tutoring and test prep, colleges, scholarship programs, and more.


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Branch Christian Academy
Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups
Calvary Homeschooling Academy
1945 North Florida Avenue, Lakeland, Florida 33805
Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups | Homeschool Enrichment - General | Homeschool Enrichment - Arts + Crafts | Homeschool Enrichment – Music | Homeschool Enrichment - Sports + PE | Homeschool Enrichment - Theater
Classical Conversations
Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups | Homeschool Enrichment - General
Classical Conversations Bartow
Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups | Homeschool Enrichment - General
First HUG (Homeschoolers Under God)
Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups
Haven Homeschoolers
Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups
HOPE Homeschoolers
Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups
Journey Homeschoolers
Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups
Lighthouse Homeschoolers

Lighthouse is a cooperative of parents that strives to meet the needs of the families within the group. Field trips, educational events, social activities, and parent/teacher support are the major focus of the group. Lighthouse is a Christian led organization but is not an exclusively Christian group.

Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups
Main Street Homeschool Auxiliary
942 South Boulevard, Lakeland, Florida 33803
Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups | Homeschool Enrichment - General
South Lakeland Classical Conversations Homeschool Group
Homeschool Co-Ops + Social Groups

WonderHere is a learn & play studio that offers hands-on academic classes, creative extracurriculars, homeschool support, summer and holiday camps, birthday parties, mommy & me toddler classes, & an open studio for free & structured play. WonderHere Academy is a full-time program for K-8.

The WonderHere Vision: To see children play and explore as a means of learning. To see parents in the driver seats of their child’s education. To provide parents with support and resources as they aim to enhance their children’s learning experience. To be a safe, fun place for families to learn, grow, and play. 

WonderHere Academy

The WonderHere Academy – A full-time program designed for children who are curious, cooperative, and would thrive in a structured, play-based environment. Each class utilizes our originally-designed WonderHere Curriculum, based on the Finnish National Core Curriculum.

WonderHere’s Homeschool Resources

Family-Style homeschool curriculum K-6 – With this FULL learning program, you have the opportunity to homeschool your children through the same interesting themes and concepts… together.

Homeschool Parent Curriculum Mentorship Program – Our Curriculum Mentorship Program is designed to give you guidance as you start your journey with the WonderHere Family-Style Curriculum. Our founders, Tiffany & Jessica, will walk alongside you and coach you for the first 6-week unit of learning you embark on with your family.

Homeschool Curriculum Hybrid Program – Enjoy the creativity and wonder of our curriculum with added virtual supports for your child! This program is perfect for families wanting to use our WonderHere Family-Style Curriculum at home, while needing some additional instructor support through Zoom classes. Through the Hybrid, you receive our curriculum digitally and your child receives weekly ZOOM classes provided by our WonderHere instructor.

FREE Homeschool Parent How-To Homeschool Course – This course is for YOU… whether you are new to homeschool, have been homeschooling for a while, or you have been thrust into home school suddenly due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19). As a WonderHere team, we wanted to empower each of you mamas & dads to help you grow in confidence as you take on this beautiful challenge. You’ve got this! We are here to help.

Virtual Enrichment Courses & Kits – No matter where you are, your kids can enjoy our exciting online courses that come with prepackaged kits of materials for pick-up so that the WonderHere learning fun can happen at home! Topics include: Spy Camp, Videogame Vintage, Shark Week, and Candyland Palooza!

FREE At-Home Learning Starter Kit – This kit is perfect for families just starting at-home learning or homeschooling! Includes in-depth information on and examples of Setting Up a Learning Environment, Schedule/Daily Rhythm, Family Read Alouds, Activities for Little Ones, Ideas for Intentional Play, and some encouragement from our team!

Printable Learning Games & Activities – Our team of teacher-moms created a variety of learning games with your home schooler in mind! Games to add fun learning and meaningful skill practice into your daily rhythm.

Mini Unit Studies – 6-week thematic units filled with hands-on, project-based activities that you can learn through at your own pace, selecting the topics that are of most interest to your kiddos!

Homeschool Enrichment Classes – Are you a home school parent wanting to enrich your child’s learning through fun, hands-on, project-based, in-person classes? If so, this program is right for you! These classes range in topics dealing with science, history, the arts, and out-of-the-box extracurricular concepts. Check out our semester-long courses to sign up!

111 Florida Avenue South, Lakeland, Florida 33801
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