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Are you ready for the best summer of your kid’s life?! At WonderHere, we believe childhood is something to be cherished, preserved, and enjoyed. Our summer camps will leave your children FILLED with wonder. This is our NINTH year of summer camp, and we have fun down to a science! Each thematic week, children will experience hands-on activities, exposure to new hobbies and skills, weekly movie day and water day, and team competitions! Campers will get to interact with nature and farm animals. And daily free play, of course!

Elementary Camps (AGES 5-12)
Your elementary-age child is sure to have a blast at summer camp. Hands-on activities, free play, cooking, games, team competitions, time at the gardens and with farm animals (can you say Alpacas?!)… and so much more. And best of all, they get to learn, play, and create friendships… all in a safe, caring environment.

Minis Camps (AGES 4-5)
Minis camps are perfect for 4-5 year olds who love to wonder! Week after week, children will get to experience the same camp themes as their elementary friends, on a smaller scale. Smaller child-to-camp-counselor ratios. More free play and less structured activities. Calmer afternoons with fewer transitions. All the things you love about camp… but Mini-fied!

Additional Summer Camp Options: Evening Summer Camp Dates, WonderHeroes Summer Camp specially designed for children with varying needs, and a Summer Camp DAY PASS on Mondays – visit camp website to learn more


Elementary Camp – Ages 5-12 | Minis Camp – Ages 4-5


Weekly Sessions from June 3 – August 2, 2024 (closed July 1-5)


8am – 3pm

Registration Type
Full Summer | Weekly Sessions

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Camp Location
5120 Colbert Rd, Lakeland, FL 33812, USA
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