Ice Skating during the Christmas Holidays is one of my favorite activities!

The RP Funding Center in Lakeland is not hosting holiday ice skating this year, however we’ve put together a list of other places in Central Florida where you can lace up your skates and hit the ice for a day of family fun. All of these rinks are “real ice” meaning you’ll be skating on a real sheet of ice, nothing synthetic.

NEW for 2019Lakeland Ice Arena is now open!

This is a new ice rink right here in Lakeland that offers youth ice hockey teams, Learn to Skate programs, adult ice hockey, figure skating, public ice skating in Polk County, and more. Visit their website to see 2019 Public Ice Skating times.

Ice Skating in Lakeland, Tampa, & Orlando

View on Map – Ice Skating Rinks Near Me

Ice Skating Tips

  1. Dress for cold weather! Most indoor rinks average between 40-60 degrees. Pants are good for beginners who might fall often.
  2. Wear tall socks so the skates don’t rub your lower legs. Ankle socks or multiple pairs of socks can cause blisters.
  3. Many places recommend kids wear a helmet when they are learning. Bring a bicycle helmet with you.
  4. Be sure your skates fit and are tied snug to support your ankles.
  5. Have fun!

The Lakeland Center is not offering ice skating in 2019. Visit Lakeland Ice Arena for ice skating in Lakeland.