Lakeland + Polk County Trick or Treat Hours for 2021

Trick or Treat Hours Times Lakeland FL

Are you wondering “what time is Trick or Treating in Lakeland FL?” Curious if there are specific trick or treat hours in Polk County? Or if we celebrate Halloween on a Saturday?

Here in Lakeland, Winter Haven, Auburndale, and most nearby cities and towns in Polk County we go trick or treating in neighborhoods on October 31, no matter what day of the week it is. In 2021, Halloween falls on a Sunday night.

(Wondering what day Bartow, FL is doing Trick or Treating? There has been some confusion with Halloween being moved to Saturday, October 30. We’ve got the scoop below).

It is a local tradition for kids in costumes to go door to door, running from house to house, collecting candy, staying up past bedtime to celebrate Halloween.

There are also local events in the days and weeks leading up to Halloween, plus community events on Halloween night. We also have a full list of Halloween Events and Trunk or Treats in October.

Trick or Treating might look different this year for your family – we have a list of ideas for a safer Halloween and trick or treat alternatives.

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First things first…

Is Trick or Treating canceled? Is Halloween happening this year?

With everything else going on in 2021, we have been asked frequently what the plans are for Halloween. People want to know if Halloween is canceled, and if Trick or Treating is allowed in Lakeland. The answer is YES – you can go Trick or Treating in 2021.

We encourage people to make alternative Halloween plans if you aren’t comfortable Trick or Treating, and if you don’t want kids coming to your house, be sure to keep your front porch light off. If you live in a neighborhood, check with your neighbors or your NextDoor page to see if there are any coordinated plans.

What day is Trick or Treating in Lakeland, FL?

Here in Lakeland, we go trick or treating in neighborhoods on October 31, no matter what day of the week it is. I’ve lived here almost my entire life and Halloween has always been celebrated on October 31. Of course there are plenty of church trunk or treats and community events other nights prior to Halloween, but people traditionally go door to door in neighborhoods on Halloween night.

What time does Trick or Treating start in Lakeland?

There are no set Trick or Treating times – we see people start as early as 5pm, with most people heading out between 6-7pm at dusk, as it is getting dark.

When does Trick or Treating end?

When you turn off your front porch light. 😉

In all seriousness, most places we’ve gone out it seems the festivities are wrapping up by 9pm, especially when Halloween falls on a school night. If you live in a neighborhood that gets trick or treaters, we suggest turning off your porch light and any visible lights at the front of your house when you’re ready for the doorbell to stop ringing. If you’re trick or treating, a dark house is a sign either no one is home OR they are done for the evening.

What day is Trick or Treating in Bartow, Florida?

In 2021, the Bartow City Commission passed a resolution to have trick or treating in the City of Bartow on Saturday, October 30, 2021 from 6:00pm – 8:30pm. You can read the text on their Facebook page. We have heard from many parents in Bartow who still plan to Trick or Treat on Halloween night (October 31). Here at Lakeland Mom, we share community information, if you live in Bartow you can talk to friends or neighbors and decide what works best for your family.

Where is the best place to trick or treat in Lakeland?

There are a lot of great options! If you live in a decent size neighborhood (20+ houses) we can almost guarantee there will be houses giving out candy. Find a neighbor to ask about past Halloween nights. For anyone not in a neighborhood that is trying to figure out where to go for Halloween, visit our list of the Best Places to Trick or Treat in Lakeland, or search the Lakeland Moms Group and read through comments on recent posts asking this exact question.

Be sure to check out our list of Safety Tips for Trick or Treating – we cover flashlights, reflective tape, candy precautions, and more.

{If you’re a Lakeland native these might seem like funny questions, BUT we’ve discovered many communities in other cities and states have set times OR always do it the Saturday before Halloween – which is why anyone moving to town might be asking!}

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