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Peppa Pig Theme Park – Get All the Oinktastic Details on Florida’s Theme Park for Preschoolers

Peppa Pig Theme Park Florida

Get ready for the ultimate day of adventure for preschoolers and toddlers at Peppa Pig Theme Park: Florida!

This brand new theme park in Central Florida is designed just for “little piggies” – aka younger kids – with interactive rides & attractions, themed play areas, splash pad and water play area, and fun live shows. Plus it is perfectly sized so your kiddos can enjoy the experience of a theme park without getting overwhelmed.

We recently visited Peppa Pig Theme Park and think it is the perfect combination of a theme park, a huge playground, and a splash pad. Where else can you do all of those things in one day, give your little ones space to play and explore on their own, and make family memories?? Peppa Pig Theme Park is an amazing new addition to our list of fun things to do in Central Florida.

We were invited to the park during a Media Preview Day sneak peek and are excited to share the fun details with you. Join us for a tour through Peppa Pig Theme park and answers to all of your FAQ’s.

Peppa Pig Theme Park Rides

Let’s be honest, the rides are the main attraction at any theme park, so that is where we will start. Peppa Pig Theme park has 5 family-friendly “thrill” rides, all designed for the littlest piggies! Check out the details and photos below, and don’t miss the video to see them in action.

TIP – Look for the themed activity boards for the kids in the lines for each of the rides.

Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster

The perfect size for a “first roller coaster ride.” After taking a walk through Daddy pig’s house, you’ll load up with 2 riders to a car on Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster. Even though it only goes 16 mph, it feels plenty fast and is a fun ride even for adults! You’ll make 2 loops as Daddy Pig tries to take you on a shortcut where Mr. Bull is digging up the road.
Minimum rider height is 36 inches. Guests less than 42 inches must be accompanied by a responsible rider 14 years of age or older.

Peppa Pig’s Balloon Ride

Soar above Peppa Pig Theme Park in a Balloon! Your whole family can load up in a hot air balloon basket that will rise to the sky and slowly turn providing amazing views of the park. One of the balloons is wheelchair accessible – children in a wheelchair can ride without having to transfer, and there is enough space for a parent to ride along.
No minimum height requirement. Guests less than 51 inches must be accompanied by a responsible rider 14 years of age or older.

Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Adventure

ROAR! Follow the dinosaur tracks to the entrance for this ride. Beware the smoking volcanoes and other dinosaurs as you ride through the pre-historic mountains on Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Park.
Minimum rider height is 34 inches. Guests less than 43 inches must be accompanied by a responsible rider 14 years of age or older.

Grandad Dog’s Pirate Boat Ride

Enjoy a leisurely boat ride around Pirate Island! Ideal for a parent with multiple kiddos, you can sit up to 4 people in a boat.
No minimum height requirement. Guests less than 43 inches OR under 4 years old must be accompanied by a responsible rider 14 years of age or older.

Mr. Bull’s High Striker

This kid-friendly drop ride is fun for all ages! Once the hammer hits the bell on Mr. Bull’s High Striker, you and your family will lift straight up to the sky.
Minimum rider height is 34 inches. Guests less than 43 inches must be accompanied by a responsible rider 14 years of age or older.

See the rides in action:

Peppa Pig Theme Park Play Areas

While rides might be the #1 attraction for older kids, teens and adults at a theme park, remember that preschoolers are often just as happy using their imagination and finding places to PLAY. Peppa Pig Theme Park is FULL of great places to play and explore. We’ll start with my personal favorite…

Muddy Puddles Splash Pad:

Muddy Puddles Splash Pad

As a Florida mom, I was most excited to see this HUGE splash pad and water play area right in the middle of the park! It has a water dump bucket, 3 slides, water sprayers and more. Plus plenty of chairs when you need a spot to rest, and 10 changing rooms.

Other tips for the splash pad area:

  • SHOES – shoes are allowed in the splash pad area, but kids can also go barefoot. The lifeguard on duty said shoes would need to be removed for the slides, so we’d recommend planning to play barefoot.
  • BATHROOMS – There is only one bathroom in the entire park {don’t worry, it is huge} and it is located straight across from the entrance to the splash pad.

The Cinema

When you need a break from the Florida heat, head into the indoor cinema. You and your little piggies can relax on the beanbag chairs and watch episodes of Peppa Pig on the big screen. This room is fun and colorful and best of all, air conditioned!

Peppa Pig Theme Park Cinema (3)
The Cinema at Peppa Pig Theme Park – a great spot when you need a break!

Granny Pig’s Garden

This large play area includes multiple playgrounds and structures for kids to climb, slide, crawl, and explore. Themed areas include Grandpa Pig’s Greenhouse, George’s Fort, Peppa Pig’s Treehouse, and Rebecca Rabbit’s Playground.

Fun Fair

You can say YES to all of the carnival games in Fun Fair because it is full of free games for the whole family! Head to the fun fair for free games for all ages, especially little ones.

George’s Tricycle Trail

Located near the restrooms under the shade awning, kiddos can pedal their way around a path on tricycles.

Mr. Potato’s Showtime Arena

Enjoy live shows with Peppa Pig and all her friends at Mr. Potato’s Showtime Arena. Kids (and parents) can relax on the large beanbags and enjoy entertainment packed full of songs, games, snorts and giggles.

Pirate Island Sand Play

Dig for buried treasure and build your own sandcastle on the beaches of Pirate Island in the sand play area.

See more of the play areas:

How big is Peppa Pig Theme Park?

Peppa Pig Theme Park is small when compared to other theme parks – it only covers 4.5 acres, BUT the space is well used and the perfect size for a day with a preschooler.

Let’s be honest… preschool age kids often lack the endurance to make it through the day at big theme parks, they can only make it through so many hours of excitement and activity before they start to melt down.

Instead of thinking “it’s too small” think of it as a gift to you – mom and dad – you can cover the entire theme park, not miss out on anything, and finish the day with kids {and parents} who are still happy. That sounds pretty perfect to me!

Peppa Pig Theme Park – Certified Autism Center

When Peppa Pig Theme Park opens on February 24 it will be a Certified Autism Center. They partnered with IBCCES for this designation and all staff (aka Puddle Jumpers) went through rigorous training to be sensitive and also know how to approach families or children who might have special sensory needs.

There is also a sensory ranking system use throughout the park – all rides and activities are ranked against all 5 senses so parents can decide which attractions and experiences will work best for their kids. Look for the sensory guides (pictured below) to see these rankings while in the park.

In addition, prior to visiting the park, parents can go on the website or app and learn more about the sensory rankings to plan the day out in advance and help your individual child have the best day ever.

LEGOLAND Florida and all on-site hotels will also be Certified Autism Centers.

Peppa Pig Theme Park Autism Sensory Guides (3)

Can we meet Peppa Pig at Peppa Pig Theme Park?

Yes! Peppa Pig, George Pig (little brother), Mummy Pig, and Daddy Pig will all be available for Character Meet & Greets and photos at the park. There is also a fun show at Mr. Potato’ s Showtime Arena where you can watch Peppa Pig and George Pig live.

Peppa Pig Theme Park Characters (10)
Lakeland Mom ♥’s Peppa Pig!

Peppa Pig Theme Park Tickets

There are a variety of ticket options available for Peppa Pig World. Check the Peppa Pig website for current options and prices.

All guests age 2+ must purchase a ticket. Children under 2 are free. At the time of publishing, options include:

  • Single Day tickets to Peppa Pig Theme Park – $30.99/person
  • Single Day admission to Peppa Pig Theme Park and LEGOLAND Florida – $109.99
  • Two Day and Three Day admission tickets are also available, you can choose whether to add LEOGLAND Water Park

Peppa Pig Theme Park Annual Passes

Annual Passes for Peppa Pig Theme Park are $74.99 per person. This is a great value {especially if you’re local!} and pays for itself in just 2 visits since it includes Free Parking. Blockout dates do apply, they seem to be the days around Easter, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, see the website for a full calendar.

TIP – We were told by park staff that there are a limited number available, so if you’re thinking of getting an annual pass, snag one before they sell out!

You can also buy the Awesomer or Awesomest Annual Pass that includes LEGOLAND Florida, Peppa Pig Theme Park, plus 12 months of unlimited admission to SEALIFE Aquarium Orlando, Madame Tussauds Orlando and LEGOLAND® Discovery Center in Atlanta. At the time of publishing, this pass starts at $229.99/person, monthly pay options are available.

Peppa Pig Theme Park Ticket Discounts

Since Peppa Pig Theme Park is BRAND NEW, we don’t know of any discount tickets to Peppa Pig Theme Park. Visitors can save when you bundle tickets with vacation packages and stay at one of the awesome on-site hotels at the LEGOLAND Florida Resort – the LEGOLAND Hotel, LEGOLAND® Pirate Island Hotel, or the LEGOLAND® Beach Retreat. There are often discounts available to Florida Residents, check the website for more info.

See inside the cinema, gift shop and diner:

Food at Peppa Pig Theme Park

When your little piggies get hungry, head to Miss Rabbit’s Diner for lunch. This is the only restaurant in Peppa Pig Theme Park, and they serve up kid-friendly lunch options like cheese pizza, chicken salad, mac n cheese, and grilled cheese sandwiches. Adults will enjoy a smoked brisket sandwich, margherita flatbread, garden salad, or rice and veggie bowl with chicken (this was my favorite!)

Be sure to top off your lunch with a special treat – a mud cup (pudding with whipped cream) or a fancy Muddy Puddle Milkshake with whipped cream and sprinkles. You can take your food to go and sit outside under the shade awning or find a nearby picnic table.

TIP – The Diner is the only place to get food in Peppa Pig Theme park. You can bring in your own snacks and drinks. Bottled water and soft drinks can also be purchased in the store. If you have special dietary needs, chat with a Puddle Jumper {employee} at the restaurant and they will be glad to help.

NEW in 2023 – Breakfast with Peppa Pig!

Beginning in Summer 2023, on select weekend dates you can have BREAKFAST with Peppa Pig! Come experience this all-new character dining event, featuring an all-you-care-to-enjoy breakfast buffet and of course the best tableside visits and hugs from Peppa Pig, George, Mummy and Daddy Pig.

A complimentary 6″x8″ souvenir photo is included with every grown-up reservation, AND you get early admission to Peppa Pig Theme Park select top attractions before the park opens to the public, including Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster, Grampy Rabbit’s Dinosaur Adventure, and more. Breakfast prices at the time of publishing are $34.99-$44.99. Please note that breakfast requires a separate reservation and does not include park admission, you must also have a Peppa Pig Theme Park admission ticket or valid Annual Pass for entry.

What to Pack for for Peppa Pig Theme Park

  • Sunscreen and a hat! I’ll be honest, there isn’t a lot of shade in the park. If you need shade you can find shade awnings or head to the Cinema or Diner, but as with any theme park, you’re going to be in the sun part of the day.
  • A bathing suit and a towel. Or wear clothes kids can get wet. Even if you think they aren’t going to play in the water play area, once you see it, they are probably going to want to get wet. I’m an adult and I was tempted to play.
  • Water – Lots of water. Almost everything is outside, you’re going to get thirsty.
  • Stroller A stroller is ideal for stashing your towel, change of clothes, diapers, bottles of water, etc. Also necessary if you have an infant or little one who is going to take a nap while you’re there. But if you have an energetic 4 year old who won’t sit still for a minute, and you don’t mind carrying everything in a backpack, the park is small enough you can make it without a stroller for the day.
  • A portable phone charger – you’ll want to take LOTS of photos and videos of all the cuteness, be sure you have a way to keep your phone going all day.

What to Expect at Peppa Pig Theme Park

A visit to Peppa Pig Theme Park is all about the kiddos. Let them wander and explore and make the decisions. Plan to sit back and relax {but close by} while your little ones use their imaginations. This is not going to an action-packed, plan out every hour, try to fit everything in kind of day. It truly is a chance to let your littles be little.

If you’re visiting in the first few weeks or months after park opening, take your patience with you. This is the first Peppa Pig Theme Park in the world, meaning this size park and this type of park is new. While the talented staff has thought of so many details, once they have a park filled with real, live families and kids, there are bound to be things that come up.

Visit the Peppa Pig Theme Park website to learn more about the park and plan your visit.

Frequently Asked Questions about Peppa Pig Theme Park

Where is Peppa Pig World Theme Park?

The world’s first Peppa Pig Theme Park is located in Winter Haven, Florida next to LEGOLAND Florida. Nearby cities include Lakeland, Florida, and it is approximately halfway between Tampa and Orlando.

When did Peppa Pig Theme Park open?

Peppa Pig Theme Park opened on February 24, 2022.

Is Peppa Pig Theme Park part of LEGOLAND Florida?

Peppa Pig Theme Park is a NEW, standalone theme park next to LEGOLAND® Florida Resort. The two parks share a parking lot, and it is a kid-friendly walking distance to LEGOLAND® Hotel, LEGOLAND® Pirate Island Hotel and the entrance to LEGOLAND Florida Theme Park. 

How much is Peppa Pig World?

Tickets to Peppa Pig World Theme Park in Florida start at $30.99 per person. Children under 2 are free, all guests 2+ must purchase a ticket. Multi-day passes and vacation packages are also available.

Are there any water rides at Peppa Pig Theme Park?

No, there aren’t any water rides, BUT there is a huge water play area with 3 slides and plenty of spraying and splashing water!

Can you bring food and drinks into Peppa Pig Theme Park?

Yes – you can bring in water, drinks, and snacks under certain guidelines. You can bring in a soft-sided insulated cooler no larger than 8.5″ wide x 6″ high x 6″ deep. No alcohol, no glass, no hard coolers. For full guidelines visit the LEGOLAND Florida FAQ page.

Do Peppa Pig Rides have height requirements?

Only 3 of the rides at Peppa Pig Theme Park require a minimum height! Everything else is open to even the littlest piggies. See the ride descriptions for details. {All rides do require that guests under a certain height must be accompanied by a responsible rider 14 years of age or older – that height varies by ride}.

Will my kids have fun if they don’t know who Peppa Pig is?

Yes! Think of it as a fun and colorful theme park built just for preschoolers, with the added bonus of pigs and other characters spread throughout the park.

Will older kids like Peppa Pig Theme Park?

This one is hard to answer. While older kids can still ride all the rides, if they have been to another theme park, they will likely feel like these are “baby rides.” They are all designed for preschoolers, and are all designed for the experience, not the thrills. On the day I was there (a media day with limited guests), I saw kids up to age 8 or 9 playing on the playground and having fun.

Can you do LEGOLAND and Peppa Pig Theme Park in the same day?

As long as you have a ticket that provides admission to both parks in one day, you can technically do them both. The entrances are about a 2-3 minute walk from each other. However, unless you have annual passes, we recommend planning a day at each park.

What else is there to do near Peppa Pig Theme Park?

We live nearby in Lakeland, FL so this is our specialty! Check out our list of Things to Do with Kids in Lakeland + Polk County.

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